Pearl Party!! Baroque, freshwater and 24k gold plated pearls. #carlypaikerjewellery

Banana Split Palette ????@yosigo_yosigo

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Aurora Baroque pearly lustre

@maliebooh adorned in the new Adriana Pearl Hoop earrings

The Raffia Cuff. 24k gold plated and made from cast genuine woven straw. #carlypaikerjewellery

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Golden Protection Hoops on @paola_cossentino

Aurora Baroque Pearl Earrings on ethereal @maliebooh #carlypaikerjewellery

Athena Cowrie Hoop set free from the sea

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Gone Fishing. Catch of the day the Calypso Shell Necklace.

Our Calliope Studs fresh from the sea

Protection Hoops.. #carlypaikerjewellery

Helios Coin Earrings shot at golden hour

Sea treasures Capella Pearl Pendant @kelliemastwijk

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Goddess @maliebooh adorned in our new Cora Studded Baroque Hoops

Protection Hoops and words of wisdom from @rupikaur_ #carlypaiker

Mood. Golden hour ~ Windswept ~ Pearly lustre with the Coraline necklace @kelliemastwijk #carlypaiker

The whole gang Siren Star Baroque, Athena Threaders, Aurora Baroque. #carlypaiker

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Sea treasures Athena Cowrie Pendant.

Bright lightsStellar Star Hoops back in stock online

Helios Coin Earrings catching afternoon light

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Capella Pearl Bracelets restocked online

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Siren Star Baroque Pearl earrings always the star of the show

Ethereal beauty @blyjones dripping in CP jewels Pictured in the Coraline necklace and Helios Coin Earrings

Our Calypso bracelets are made from natural shells dipped in 24k gold and freshwater pearls #carlypaiker

Helios Coin Hoops

Golden in the Calypso and Coraline

Calypso love via @kelliemastwijk #carlypaiker

Windswept won’t the Siren Star Baroques. ???? #carlypaiker @somethingaesthetic @ondinedaisy

Siren Star Baroque #carlypaiker

Power of pearls ????@kelliemastwijk

Lemonata ????Helios Coin Earrings.

Golden hour Pearls Windswept @kelliemastwijk

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Athena Cowrie Hoops stealing the golden light

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The whole pearly gang together

It’s a citrus fiesta ???? with the Siren Star Baroque Pearl Earrings. #carlypaiker

Summer palette via @ane_strydom