Ethereal beauty @blyjones dripping in CP jewels Pictured in the Coraline necklace and Helios Coin Earrings

Our Calypso bracelets are made from natural shells dipped in 24k gold and freshwater pearls #carlypaiker

Helios Coin Hoops

Golden in the Calypso and Coraline

Calypso love via @kelliemastwijk #carlypaiker

Windswept won’t the Siren Star Baroques. 📸 #carlypaiker @somethingaesthetic @ondinedaisy

Siren Star Baroque #carlypaiker

Power of pearls 📸@kelliemastwijk

Lemonata 🍋Helios Coin Earrings.

Golden hour Pearls Windswept @kelliemastwijk

It’s a FIESTA!! I just unpacked these babies.. online soon!! #carlypaiker #colourfiesta

Athena Cowrie Hoops stealing the golden light

@ckirkwoman adorned in the Siren Star Baroque Pearl Earrings. Glowing in that pearly lustre

The whole pearly gang together

It’s a citrus fiesta 🍋 with the Siren Star Baroque Pearl Earrings. #carlypaiker

Summer palette via @ane_strydom

Snacks with the Helios Coin Hoops #carlypaiker

Siren Star is always the star of the show

#carlypaiker Seaside adventures with @ondinedaisy @somethingaesthetic

Sunny days with Calypso and Coraline

Helios Coin Hoops in golden light

Dreamy golden hues

Calliope Studs

Layers from the sea. All the goddesses here Calypso, Coraline and the Golden Raffia cuff.

Seaside with @ondinedaisy adorned in the Calypso necklace and Calliope Studs. @somethingaesthetic

Golden goodies with the Raffia cuff and Seafarings

She sells sea shells.. The Aurora Baroque Pearl Hoops @kelliemastwijk

Calypso love with @_joanne_mckay

Dreaming of a European getaway.. the Athena Cowrie Threaders taking me there

Detail Coraline

Hello Coraline . Strung with 24k gold dipped natural shells and baroque freshwater pearls on a golden rope.

Helios Coin Earrings

Thanks WA for putting on a day that looked like this #WA #westernaustralia

Pearly divine The Calypso Shell Necklace and Sunstrand Sunglass Chain.

Capella Pendant @kelliemastwijk

Siren Star Baroque pearl earrings spreading their star power

Sublime @ondinedaisy seaside in the Coraline baroque pearl and 24k dipped shell necklace @somethingaesthetic

Aurora Baroque Earrings in lustrous light

Our Calypso Shell necklaces are made from 24k gold dipped natural shells and freshwater pearls

Coastal Divine beauty @ondinedaisy adorned in the Pearl Sunstrand and Capella Pendant with Luna Hoop Earrings. Photographed by the talented @somethingaesthetic #carlypaikerjewellery #carlypaiker

Earlier this morning

Calliope their pearly glory

Athena Cowrie Hoops

Ethereal beauty @paola_cossentino adorned in the Protection Hoops #carlypaiker

Sunstrands Sunglass Chain.. catching some rays


Aurora Baroque Pearl Hoops in afternoon light #carlypaikerjewellery

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Nothing like an Aussie Christmas (Or Chrismakkah) Day by the beach! This year has been huge for CP jewellery and I would like to thank all of you for your love and interest. Inspiration abounds and I can’t wait for what’s in store for the new year. Xx CP 🍋 #carlypaikerjewellery